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    Harmony Hammock Seat with Stand

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    Relax in the Harmony Hammock seat with stand: in the soft cotton hammock seat, you can relax to your heart’s content. Thanks to the included stand, the hammock can be suspended without needing a ceiling or tree attachment.

    • Practical hammock seat and stand
    • Weather-resistant hammock seat stand for indoor and outdoor use
    • Arch design for stability and freedom of movement
    • Safety and comfort: swivel prevents over-rotation
    • Cotton and wood from controlled biological cultivation

    The Harmony hammock seat with stand – excellent workmanship for safe sitting and lying
    The hammock seat and stand are a great duo. The cotton seat feels extremely soft and pleasant to touch. The large mat offers enough space for sitting and lying. The many suspending ropes guarantee optimal weight distribution in the hammock seat. The non-tear selvedge and excellent workmanship make the hammock seat very sturdy. Made from Scandinavian spruce. The high density of the wood combined with the arch shape adds to the seat’s stability. Weather proof thanks to the high-pressure bonding and impregnation process. The hammock seat with stand can therefore be left outside.

    Security and relaxation – You enjoy the feeling of security when the hammock wraps around your body and you are swinging in a relaxing and pleasant way. That makes the hammock seat with stand ideal for therapy use – e.g. for ergotherapy or sensory integration therapy. The patient can also experience stimulation of the vestibular system. Thanks to the large mat and high load capacity, there is enough room for one adult and one child. Ideal for mother and child, but also for therapist and patient. The stand can be left outside in the summer. When it is raining, the seat should be removed and be protected from the wet. The hammock seat with stand is a wonderful place to enjoy your free time – whether in the garden, on a terrace or at home.

    Product information for the hammock seat:

    • Material: pure cotton from controlled biological cultivation, complying with EU regulation 834/2007
    • Spreader bar: FSC-certified cumaru wood
    • Sitting surface (LxW): 210x130 cm
    • Total height: 185 cm
    • Rod length: 110 cm
    • Number of suspension ropes: 44
    • Can hold up to 160 kg
    • Washable: removable seat section can be hand washed at 30 °C

    Product information for the hammock seat stand:

    • Material: FSC-certified wood
    • Height: 234 cm
    • Floor space: 140x150 cm
    • Weight: 20 kg
    • Can hold up to 160 kg
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