This baby and toddler sensory room package is ideal for nurseries, childminders and pre-schools. Babies love to explore textures and soft materials- like the set of 6 cuddly animals. Toddlers love to explore, jump, hide and generally be curious about how things work. This package incorprates sensory equipment to allow young explorers to investigate, play and learn. 


Package includes:


Activates to sound- clapping or external noises make the star change colour! Great for cause and effect in toddlers


A black carpet with twinkling fibres, particularly good for young babies to encourage tummy time and find the "stars".


A tactile surface on each of the blocks allows exploration. Learn about the animals and their sounds along the way.


This large wall panel is ideal for motor skills, with cogs to explore, and music to play. 


Every toddler loves to hide in a den! Make it your own and add ribbons, or explore UV items. You can use the fibre optics supplied in this package to view in the dark den (keep lightsource out of the den.)


Ideal for sensory integration therapy, the giant top can be used indoors or out, giving the user great sensations rocking from side to side


Encourages social skills and songs together, there are lots of things you can do with a parachute- place balloons or teddies on it and throw them in the air! Create waves- wild ones and soft ones or go round and round while the children are underneath


Each disc has a different surface to explore- soft, smooth, hard, bumpy. Use the blindfold to add to the sensations


Babies love looking at their reflection! This soft mirror is ideal for exploration of expressions


A toddler bean bag! Sit comfortably and play with some of the sensory equipment.


A set of play dough in different colours, with different scents to explore


Look through the acrylic panels to see the world in a different colour!


A wall mounted mirror with different textures and distortions to look at


If you would like to order via purchase order, please contact us. 

Baby & Toddler Sensory Package


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