Designed to enhance sensory stimulation, improve visual tracking skills and teach cause and effect learning. 


With 13 unique lighting modes, and 8 different colours, users will be delighed with the range of colours, patterns, and lighting effects the colour creation tube can offer. Use the white button on the wireless remote version to select a mode, then use the coloured buttons to change the effect- press red, red, blue, green, blue and the colours will pop up the tube that you have selected! 


Using over 300 LED's, you can choose a passive tube, that scrolls through the 13 different modes, or an interactive tube with either a wireless switch box or light up push buttons that come with a small padded panel that can be fixed to the wall nearby and used to operate the modes. 


The push button version can be used in sensory rooms, incorporated into plinths or other bases, POA. 

Colour Creation Tube


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