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    Elements Kits Three

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    Elements Kit Three is an inclusive play structure that requires no installation.  Bright and Colourful, its a large scale set of flexible shapes and textures that can be manipulated in lots of ways – building and creating using imagination and collaborative play. This kit includes the element of a small loop that encourages balancing games.

    These sets are ideal for use in a garden, but can also be used indoors. Without the normal requirement for sensory garden equipment- to be fixed permenately, these Elements Kits offer a radical approach to play, changing the psychology of the playground!

    Very soft and tactile- each part offering a different surface and texture- all durable and waterproof.

    Suitable for 20-30 children to play at the same time.

    Elements Kit Three includes:

    • 4 x Orange Textured Archways
    • Noodles for making archways, tunnels and dens- imagination is the only constraint!
    • 3 x Red Cog Bumps- perfect for jumping, bouncing, rocking and spinning on
    • 2 x Green Cog
    • 3 x Blue & Yellow Cones- connect to it, run around it, hide behind it or jump onto it!
    • A Den Panel- red circular base, and tie to hold noodles together.
    • 6 x Waves - a bumpy block to join together or slide on.
    • Small Loop- Creates balancing games

    Design Idea: Why not create an underwater scene- place noodles into the bouncy cogs and pretend they are jellyfish- don't get stung by the noddles (tentacles) and bounce from one to another, hide underneath the archways to let the shark pass by, or climb on top and prentend you are a sailor- use the noddles to steer. Ships Ahoy!  Create a beautiful Coral Reef with the base pad and jump into your safe haven. Make the "water" choppy and try to keep your balance on the waves!


    • Creative, Imaginative Play
    • Collaborative, Social Interaction
    • Natural Exercise and Physical Activity
    • Touch- with various textures and surfaces to explore
    • Movement and Balance
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