• Stabilises and supports
  • Perfect for transferring sound and vibrations to the body
  • Filled with polypropylene pearls
  • Can be wiped clean and disinfected
  • Available in 3 sizes


The full-body support and positional aid stabilises and supports ergonomically correct posture, promoting movement in therapy and day-to-day life. As a result, in spite of considerable restrictions caused by disabilities, it enables sitting, laying, kneeling, straddling, laying on the stomach and side – all depending on therapeutic requirements.

The support and positional aid supports activities as well as providing good support, including exercises for improving head control, the initiation of hand support functions, exercises for basal and tactile stimulation.

Thanks to the stabilising effect, the aid provides you with a variety of amazing support options for people with multiple very severe disabilities. In many cases, this means there is no need to obtain a suitable foam shape or a vacuum support. 

The stabilising effect created by a vacuum takes effect approximately 20 seconds after shaping and lasts for the entire duration that the support is being used.


Designed for the supported positioning and full-body support of people with severe physical disabilities. In spite of considerable restrictions caused by disabilities, the product enables good siting and laying positions, which would normally be associated with high costs and a clearly higher amount of effort.

PhysioTex (100% polyamide) outer cover, filled with polypropylene pearls (Oekotex Standard 100) in the inner cover made from PhysioTex (100% polyamide). The polypropylene pearls are long-lasting thanks to their high elasticity and high level of resilience. The pearls and the outer cover are washable up to temperatures of 95 degrees and are also tumble drier safe. Furthermore, there is no build-up of static electricity. The outer cover is removable, can be wiped clean and disinfected.

Product information:

  • Weight of 200x100x27 cm: approx. 12 kg (+/- 250 g)
  • Maximum load: approx 150 kg, for one person


New version:
Now comes with a coloured, removable Physio-Tex outer cover and a white, Physio-Tex inner cover (Oekotex Standard 100), improving the stabilising effect (vacuum shape stability)

STANDARD: 175x80x27 cm: green/blue
LARGE: 200x100x27 cm: green/blue
XL: 200x140x27 cm: blue/red



Full Body Support and Positioning Aid


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