The "Hopper" jumping cushion is particularly attractive with its bright colours. Children can jump and play on the cushion to their heart's content and afterwards they can rest and relax on it. 

  • Jumping and relaxing
  • Special springs
  • Very durable easy clean structural material (81% polyester, 19% polyacrylic)
  • Non-slip gymnastics mat material on bottom


Particularly safe trampolining with the "Hopper" jumping cushion
With the The "Hopper" jumping cushion the special springs are completely integrated into the cushion, enabling children to have particularly safe jumping fun as there are no exposed springs or hard frame. The jumping cushion is made from a very durable structural material and is easy to clean. Non-slip gymnastics mat material on the underside ensure increased safety and secure footing.

Product information:

  • Surface: 81% polyester, 19% polyacrylic
  • Max. load 40 kg


Available versions:

  • Dimensions LxWxH: 107 x 70 x 17 cm. Can hold up to 40kg weight. 


The "Hopper" jumping cushion – movement, relaxation and fun all in one
With its bright colours the "Hopper" has an a highly stimulative nature. Children can jump on it like a trampoline and as a result it is perfect for nurseries or a child's room. In children's sport the sports teacher can arrange the jumping cushion in inventive exercise courses. In nurseries the rectangular cushion is the ideal addition to large building blocks and soft play elements. Therapists can use the jumping cushion in sensory integration therapy. The vestibular system is stimulated by jumping. Catching exercises, with a soft ball or bean bag, while jumping up and down present a real challenge. Of course the versatile jumping cushion is also a place to rest and relax. The internal springs don't just maintain momentum, they also act as a comfortable, soft underlay.

Hopper Jumping Cushion


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