Interactive Light Beam Technology Kits- Controlling Music & SFX Image & videos 

What does it do? 

The system enables users to interact with beams of light simply by passing a hand or other body-part through the beams - or by using a reflective "Magic Wand". (The beams act as a powerful visual reference point to the user). Each interaction triggers all formats of audio visual files in real-time. 

So, put your hand under each beam of light and set off farm animals or jungle animal sounds, while the animals appear on the projected screen. Go round in a circle and play "do ri mi". You could play electric guitar as a group together, with a beam each, or break the beams at a low height all the way up to as high as you can reach- uncovering a puzzle on the projected screen as you go! 


Great for music- you can play a musical composition, become a drummer or virtual DJ! Play a game and chase each beam of light that comes on to play a track- great for cause and effect. You can even have the beams connected to any DMX product- so you can control moving head scanners or the wall washes of the room with the beams themselves. 

It's the ultimate virtual musical and education instrument and fits within most Music Curriculum activities - at Key Stages 1 - 4, playing a prominent role in "The Classroom of the Future." 


Summary of features:

  • Up to 256 events, musical notes, sounds and images can be triggered from 

each beam!

  • The system is modular, flexible, simple - yet sophisticated in design. 
  • "Blank Canvas" offering updates of content at ease. 
  • A recent update includes OptiCalculator - Doing number games from the beams 

in a fun way 

  • This technology is being used in over 800 sites in the UK and in many 

locations worldwide. 

  • The system also controls DMX (Lighting) and MIDI (Music) events 
  • No bulbs to replace, comes with a powerful LED lightsource, which means no fan and no noise

The system is made of two main parts: 
1) The PC plus the Software and the Control System 
2) The Beams (Interactive light unit)- 4, 6, 8 or 12.


Kits Available: 

  • 4 OptiBeam AV system complete – Windows laptop included: 


  • 8 OptiBeam AV system complete - Windows laptop included: 


  • 12 OptiBeam AV system complete - Windows laptop included: 


  • 16 OptiBeam AV system complete - Windows laptop included: 

Exc VAT/Delivery/Installation

The system also requires: Audio solution (speakers) and Display solution 
(projector or large TV screen). We are happy to quote for the supply and installation of the additional equipment. 

Interactive Light Beam Technology Kits


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