This Luxury Sensory Room Package includes the most popular and effective sensory equipment, durable and responsive cause and effect learning with the interactive bubble tube, and the interactive rainbow lights that react to sounds or music. This package providees sensory stimulation in a calm environment, full of slow moving colours and textures, it is also an ideal space for occupational therapists to work with users at their own pace and interest. 


It includes:


  • An interactive Bubble Tube at 1.75m height with Wireless switch box


  • With safety wall bracket and Care kit including BCB Anti Bacterial Fluid and a Water Siphon


  • A low level Corner padded and vinyl covered base 120 x 120cm

Turns the bubble tube into a focal point in the room and allows you to sit comfortably alongside the tube and relax (base is reversible pink/blue)


  • 2 x Acrylic Mirrors 

120 x 160cm, to frame the corner base and make it look like there is more than one bubble tube in the room.


  • Super long colour changing/sparkling fibres- 150 strands at 3m

They come with an LED lightsource, simply plug and play.


  • Bean Bag Style Donut Cushion Surround

The donut cushion comes into action here - its not only a comfortable bean bag, it has a hole in the middle so you can push the fibres through and let them fall around the sides of the bean bag - sit comfortably and explore the tactile and visually stimulating fibres.


  • LED Sensory Projector with one 6" wheel of your choice

For movement in the room, the LED Sensory Projector with one 6" wheel of your choice - from tropical fish to butterflies, abc to bubbles, there is a huge range to choose from. You can purchase additional wheels over time, changing the theme of the room in an instant. 


  • Tactile and Musical Wall Panel

Develops tactile, visual and acoustic experiences. This 120 x 100cm wall panel has a variety of musical instruments- tambourine, xylophone, bells, as well as educational toys and tactile elements of different shapes and colours. Discover new sensations and explore how they feel in your sensory room. 


  • Happy Senso Sensory Spray

Approved Sensory Spray that creates a unusual sensation on the hands or skin!


  • The Infinity Panel

The Infinity Panel creates an optical illusion by using mirrors in a clever way - to make it look like the LED's go on and on as far as you can see. 


  • Interactive Rainbow Lights

A popular item with Occupational Therapists, the Interactive Rainbow Lights is a wall mounted product that responds to any sounds in the room - play music with the provided sensory CD or clap to see the rungs of light respond and light up. Great for social work and encouraging communication/vocalisation.


  • Fibre Optic Rug 

Watch the small twinkling stars in the fibre optic rug, offering a calming soft surface to lay on and relax.


  • Choose a sensory CD from our range

Sit back and listen to your chosen sensory CD from our range.


  • Giant Top

A safe, plastic top for rocking and movement, lay over a blanket and watch the projector and bubbles while you rock slowly around, feeling calm and relaxed. 


Please contact us if you would like to place an order via purchase order or you have any questions about the equipment or choices. 

Luxury Sensory Room Package


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