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    Magic Sand Box

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    The new KING of interaction!

    This system includes a tactile sensory experience, combined with augmented reality technology to manipulate the sand and create volcanos, roads, an ocean, lakes and mountains, the desert and many more.

    Combines the functions of an interactive touchscreen table and a sand box.

    Available in various Models- Diamond, Mini Diamond, Meadow and Island


    The projector recognises movement but also reacts to shapes, colour and objects!

    No other interactive system offers this high end software- using touch to create a scene and manipulate to alter. For example, build the sand up to a mound to create a volcano and watch it errupt once it gets too big! Create a road and pathways and then use wooden toys to play and manipulate the scene.

    Even without the sand, they system would turn into an interactive table, allowing you to still play and interact on a smooth surface.

    • Suitable for up to 10 players at one time.
    • Includes 19 games with the interactive table- and an additional 41 with the sand, giving you 60 different games in total.
    • Ability to download an unlimited number of games with software updates.
    • Measures 115 x 89.6 x 180cm
    • 0.78msq space

    Educational Benefits:

    • Teaches users about geography, the constitution of the Earth, Shapes and the world around
    • Improve children' memory, spatial orientation, maths and speech skills

    The 19 Games on the Interactive Sand Table include:

    1. Nature- changing the terrain with movement of the hands
    2. Volacno-  the call of erruption!
    3. Seasons- visualization of the seasons
    4. Underwater world- dive into the depths of the sea
    5. Cartoons- search for familiar pictures
    6. Treasure Hunt- a game of orientation in space
    7. Colouring- change the colour of the sand with levels and depths
    8. Geometric shapes- learning about shapes and size
    9. Hide and seek- search for hiding animals in the sand
    10. The city- build a road and use objects
    11. Colouring with circles
    12. Relaxation space- peace and tranquility
    13. Flowers
    14. Sahara
    15. Island
    16. Animals- a memory game
    17. Coloured sand- animation of illumination
    18. Turtle- a speed game
    19. Planets

    There are another 41 games to be used without the sand- with the interactive projector- these include 'count the leaves', 'put things in order', 'colour the sound', 'paint a pattern', 'guess the riddle', 'nationality', 'the game of continents', find the letter', 'count', 'opposites and many more.

    Size: 1470 × 1120 × 2200 mm/
    Active zone space: 1,1 m².
    Interactive Table Function.
    Up to 12 children can use the complex at the same time.
    Free software updates.

    Size: 1150 × 920 × 1800 mm.
    Active zone space: 0,86 m².
    Interactive Table Function.
    Up to 10 children can use the complex at the same time.
    Free software updates.

    Size: 1240 × 850 × 1900 mm.
    Active zone space: 0,75 m².
    Interactive Table Function.
    Up to 8 children can use the complex at the same time.
    Free software updates.

    Size: 640 × 590 × 1390 mm.
    Active zone space: 0,28 m²
    Interactive Table Function.
    Up to 3 children can use the complex at the same time.
    Free software updates.


            • Framework and sand
            • A projector, a system unit, a wireless keyboard, a Kinect movement sensor;
            • Sandbox activities kit;
            • Interactive table panels;
            • Interactive table activities kit;
            • Toys;
            • Teacher’s book;
            • Assembly and Set-up guide.

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    Diamond, Island, Meadow, Mini Diamond

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