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    Messy Kitchen and Art Zone

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    Think inside the box in our Messy Kitchen & Art Zone!

    If a Mud Kitchen isn’t messy enough for you, this Messy Kitchen takes it to the next level! Play with water, sand, soil, leaves, mud, sticks and flowers and cook up a storm!

    Whatsmore, you can also get creative in this kitchen- and draw on the walls! All of the internal walls are clad with chalkboards- collaborate and draw a new recipe or simply make marks together and enjoy the freedom creativity brings.

    Comes with a sink and shelf to store your kitchen products on. You can decide what material to have on the floor- grass, sand, bark.

    Add some spare kitchen utensils and you have a child sized space where children can discover and investigate the world around them through play.

    Mixing nature with art and science in a messy play form is creative, inspiring, educational and fun.

    Comes part assembled, will require installation, comes with full instructions.

    Measures 2500mm long x 2500mm wide x 1240mm high

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