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    Mobile Magic Sand Table

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    This model has a simple, compact, lightweight and fully functional design at an affordable price.

    The sandpit is easily accessible for children.

    Caster wheels make it easy to transport the device to different sensory areas.

    Suggested for spaces that can be darkened, to release the full potential of the colourful projection.

    • Vivid colours, realistic water, high responsiveness
    • Simple, effective interface
    • Game modes providing hours of fun


    All Units include the following additional software:

    • Discovery Dig – Many things can be dug up from the sand. Ancient vases, pirate treasures… but also the alphabet?The Discovery module is a great example of learning through play. It combines tactile interaction with visual cognition and lots of fun. Carefully remove the sand to uncover a new letter or number every time. Tested and approved by a panel of young experts. For more adventure-hungry users we recommend the Archeology mode and the surprises it brings. Will it be a fossil, or maybe a Greek vase? Be careful not to spoil it! After spending hundreds or thousands of years underground, the items become fragile and will break and turn red if you dig too deep. Difficulty can be adjusted in the application settings.
    • Ball Track – The objective is to guide a virtual ball from start to finish, destroying all targets and avoiding obstacles along the way. To do so, you will need to shape the sand to form a track. Easy as it sounds, it turns out to be a great and fun challenge! The ball will only run downhill, so the track needs to be well-planned. If you make it too steep, it will jump out, too flat and it gets stuck!
    • Paradise Island -Take a break from everyday life and give free rein to your imagination.Create a virtual lagoon, idyllic atols and peaceful beaches. You can change the terrain level as you build your paradise and go from archipelago to Atlantis in a matter of seconds! After you create the environment, land and sea creatures, such as colorful fish, will start to appear. The islands will start to blossom and tropical palms will sprout.

    (If you don’t need the unit to be operating 12 hours straight, this is definitely the choice for you.)

    All units include:

    • The latest version of KinectSandbox software BIG (lifetime license, all modules)
    • A full container of kinetic sand (amount according to model specification - unless both Projection Boxes - no sand)
    • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
    • Kinect 2 sensor
    • Wireless power-on remote
    • 12 month warranty & online support

    Exhibit dimensions (width x length x height):
    1100 x 690 x 1750 mm
    Sandpit dimensions (width x length x height x depth):
    1100 x 620 x 580 x 170 mm
    Weight: 60 kg (without sand)

    Unit is delivered in one piece and is ready to use as soon as plugged in.

    The application uses an ordinary sandbox to create an interactive hypsometric map.

    The sand, when shaped into forms, is augmented in real time by color change, contour lines and simulated water. It's an ever-changing topography model. The program makes it easier to understand how a map works and grasp a lot of geographic concepts.

    • Vivid colours, realistic water, high responsiveness
    • Simple, effective interface
    • Game modes providing hours of fun
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