These functional seats provide a comfortable area to sit and relax amoung some sensory lighting and bubble tubes. 


Vinyl covered, with 50mm foam, the colours can be selected from our vinyl swatches (please ask for a swatch)


Each square seat measures: 63 x 63cm


The most popular arrangement is two 'Sensory Modular Seats' with tubes, and one central modular seat with no tube. Mirrors and wall pads can also be added on. 


Don't forget, you can arrange them any way- in a straight line, arranged round a corner, or leave them as seperate seats around the room. As long as the seats with tubes inside have access to a plug socket, you can position where you like.


Modular Seating: 

Padded seats in your colour choice, with passive sensory tubes. If you would like interactive tubes, that come with switch boxes or controlled via our app, please contact us for a quotation. 

  • Bubble Tube Modular Seat 
  • Fiesta Tube Modular Seat
  • Light Lustre Tube Modular Seat
  • Waterless Air Tube Modular Seat
  • Plain Modular Seat
  • Plain Modular Seat with Sparkle Fibre Optics coming from the base, 100 strands, each 2m long


Optional Extras:

  • Acrylic Mirror 60 x 120cm to be placed behind a modular tube seat.


  • Wall Pad- 63 x 63cm to be placed behind a seat, an sensory box can then be placed above this
  • Wall Pad- 63 x 110cm height, to be placed behind a seat.


both of these panels are wall mounted, and fit above the 60 x 120cm wall pad (as pictured in photos)


The plain seats can be used as storage, as the lid is velcro-ed on, so can be lifted (although it is not fitted with a slow close hinge)

Modular Seating with Sensory Tubes

Sensory Tube Options

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