Bring all the Motor senses into play! This set of 9 items includes some of the bestselling products designed to enhance motor, cognitive, and social skills, stimulate the senses and awareness of colours. The set provide opportunity to play alone or in groups. 


Set includes: 


Seesaw: A unique design with pliable synthetic rubber domes on the underside of the seesaw to provide a softer, more dynamic movement. Complete with non slip surface. Max load 75kg. Suitable for children aged 2+

Measures 140mm height x 220mm width x 520mm long


Floor Surfer: Combining play and training of motor skills, the floor surfer has been developed with children's physiotherapists to ensure safe use. Slightly tapered at the front, to give increased freedom of movement for the child's arms and the wheels are screened to minimise the risk of running over the child's fingers. The narrow sides act as handles. Made of plastic with inserts of EVA foam to give the surfer an attractive surface to sit on. Max load 100kg

Measures 140mm height x 370mm width x 560mm depth


Tactile Discs: set of 5 large and 5 small discs in different colours and textures. A blindfold and cloth storage bag also provided. 


Giant Top: Lots of uses for 1 or 2 children- rock it, spin it, build a den. Can even be used as a boat in a pool (only under adult supervision). Very suitable for basic physical co-ordination training with disabled people. 


Hilltops: Set of 5 hilltops, in different heights, jump from one to another, helping develop ability in estimating distances and make them familiar with heights. Each hilltop is provided with rubber feet to help prevent slipping. Max load 100kg. 


24 Activity Rings:  Brightly coloured rings that can be used for countless activities- walking on tiptoe in the rings, balancing them on your head, juggling rings on arms and legs. Encourages individual and social activities. Suitable for 18 months +


2 x Clown's Hat: Concentration and Balance are required to wear the clown's hat, developing body consciousness and attention to posture. 


The River: Combine the 7 elements in a number of different ways to create new challengers and perfect balance training, movement exercises and group play. 


River Stones: Set of 6 Stones in different colours, inspired by stepping stones in a river, with each side of the triangle varying in steepness and difficulty. You can vary the position and space of the stones to create more challenging paths. Complete with rubber rim on the base to prevent slipping. 

Motor Skills Development Set


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