The Soprano Quartet is easily our most popular ensemble and is the perfect choice for those projects where you need to squeeze the most out of your budget and create a resounding impact.


This mixed quartet of instruments comprises;

  • Our compact but punchy Cadenza
  • A small Babel Drum
  • Soprano Pentatonic Freechimes. Spanning 2 octaves from middle C to C6, players will be making harmonious music together almost instantly.
  • A pair of medium Congas to help keep a steady beat going.


Pair of Medium Congas:


Conga – The Conga or more properly the tumbadora is a tall, narrow, single-headed African drum.  


We’ve taken the traditional conga drum and added our own twist to bring drumming and music-making to the great outdoors. The Congas are a pair of single headed drums mounted onto a stainless steel post to be installed directly into the ground. Made of heavy-duty ABS these strong and durable drums are painted in bright colour combinations for visual appeal.


These drums really do sound as good as they look and combine outstanding playability with high energy, a wonderful sound and unmistakable visual appeal.


Small Babel Drum:


Manufactured from Stainless Steel, Babel Drums are a part of the family of percussion instruments that consists of Hand pans, Hank, Tank and Tongue Drums.


The huge demand for the popular hand pans and the relatively few creators has left people longing for a product they have no means of accessing. These circular stainless steel tongue drums are securely mounted onto their frames and are designed for permanent outdoor installation.


These beautiful drums require no previous drumming experience and children and adults enjoy improvising with the mesmerizing sounds they produce.


Precisely tuned and available with 6-notes (Small) or 8-notes (Large). The drums should be played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingertips. Their mellow tones are never brassy or too loud - perfect for musical exploration in the fresh air.The small version produces a range of six beautiful notes in C-Major and the larger more popular version has eight-notes in G-Major the sound is amazing. This steel drum can create beautiful melodies with remarkably long sustain.


Babel Drums are very easy to play. We recommend playing using the pads of your fingers, however you can also play with fingertips or the side of the thumb or a mix of all three. A quick tap onto the drums smooth surface and pulling away quickly like you’ve touched something hot produces a beautiful melodic tone - do not leave the finger on the drum unless you wish to damp the sound. The strike should be fast and soft at the same time and the hand should be open and loose. Where you strike of course makes a lot of difference too, with the larger tongues producing lower notes and smaller ones the higher notes. A wide range of tones can be created through experimenting and developing different playing techniques.


Playing the Babel Drum is a wonderful unique hand drumming experience.




In musical terms a Cadenza is an improvised dramatic solo performance.  We thought this was a good description for this petite instrument. Cadenzas are scaled down outdoor musical instruments perfect for one player and comfortable enough for two.  When played they immediately bring smiles to everyone in earshot.


Strong, weather-proof and durable, the notes are arranged as a traditional xylophone or glockenspiel with low to high notes going from left to right. The notes or keys are available in aluminium, Ipe or GRP, each of which gives its own distinct sound when played. There are no wires or strings as the notes are individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance. The resonators are available in a number of different colours.


The instrument is designed for ground installation, surface or wall mounted. Cadenza’s are tuned to the C-Major pentatonic scale covering two octaves.


The Cadenza has a lovely curved design and is perfect for exploring possibilities with melody, harmony, and rhythm.




Freechimes are an exciting and imaginative concept when selecting outdoor musical instruments.


These twenty-two sleek aluminium chimes are hand tuned to the highest quality and produce a rich vibrant, harmonic resonance.


Available individually as solo chimes, in pre-set octaves or a full symphony ranging from a towering 1.5m C3 to the smallest C6 at just 0.5m.  The possibilities are endless.


Suitable for all ages the chimes can be fixed to backboards and mounted onto posts for ground installation. Alternatively the backboards can be mounted to the wall at the correct height for the intended players. The universal mounting brackets also allow the chimes to be installed individually onto just about any surface and in any arrangement. Why not attach an easy pentatonic set to an existing fence or a dull wall? Adding just one or two chimes would liven up existing play equipment or add a special element to an outdoor classroom.  Freechimes dotted around the playground or through woodlands would make a wonderful and enjoyable music trail.


Freechimes have outstanding resistance to vandalism and all weather conditions they do not rust and require little maintenance.


Freechimes are practical, durable and stylish with a wonderful melody that will liven up any outdoor area.


Musical Sensory Garden Package


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