The Paletto Plus Interactive Sound Board uses large, bright switches to produce different sounds. Ideal for sensory rooms where you can interact in a group or one to on session with games such as 'guess the sound' or as a strategy for inclusion, it can provide auditory prompts to help a child tell a story sequence.


The Paletto revolutionary switch adapted board that is not only visually enticing to all it's users, but encourages listening, communication and overall development. With 64 familiar sounds and the ability to record your own words, stories and music, Paletto promotes an interest and aspiration to learn and engage. Use a microphone to record your own sounds, making it the perfect aid to teaching and learning in a fun, interactive way!


The wall board turns the paletto plus keyboard into an attractive large product that is utilised in sensory room, activity rooms and nurseries. Eight brightly coloured wooden touch switches activate sounds and create an interactive learning space, especially for those who are visually impaired.


There are 8 Categories, each with 8 different sounds giving it 64 sounds in total;


  • Group 1 - Human Sounds
  • Group 2 - Hygiene
  • Group 3 - Indoor Sounds
  • Group 4 - Animal Sounds
  • Group 5 - Vehicles
  • Group 6 - Urban Sounds
  • Group 7 - What Profession?
  • Group 8 - Mixed Sounds


Board measures 122cm length x 86cm height.

Paletto Plus Interactive Sound Board


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