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    Pedalo Carousel

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    The Pedalo “Carousel” is a popular toy for children. Children happily spin around until they get dizzy – sitting, kneeling or even standing for more experienced children.

    • A favourite product for many children – the indoor carousel
    • Spinning is fun and trains body awareness
    • Motivates through movement and tests balance
    • A challenge for the sense of balance
    • High quality “Made in Germany” natural product

    Playing with the Pedalo “Carousel”
    Whether you push it yourself or receive a little help from your friends – this toy is a favourite among children. Rotating on the “Carousel” is stimulating for children, trains balance and motivates them to move. Experiencing the sensation of being dizzy at an intensity determined by the child improves perception. The indoor Pedalo “Carousel” is a popular toy for children of all ages.

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    More information:

    • Diameter: 50 cm
    • Height: 8 cm
    • Weight: 4 kg
    • Max. load: 100 kg
    • Material: birch plywood, laminated
    • High-quality swivel

    Roller board paddle not included.

    Turn, spin, have fun – with the Pedalo "Carousel"!

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