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    Pedalo Rodeosell

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    The Pedalo “Rodeosell” is lots of fun for children: kids just love rotating on it, keeping their balance and figuring out how long they can balance for. Balance and coordination are promoted here.

    • Ideal for games, fun, sport and therapy
    • Ideal in high-performance and team sports as a piece of coordination training equipment
    • Promotes spatial awareness
    • Both sides can be used
    • Maximum load 100 kg

    The Pedalo "Rodeosell": can be used on both sides
    The Pedalo "Rodeosell" is a piece of training equipment used in competitive sports, as it promotes spatial orientation. Gain momentum and hold your balance – go quicker by shifting your weight. Children can use their own momentum to find the limits of their balance. Thanks to the slope on "Rodeosell", you can do things that you can't do on normal carousels. When upside down the carousel must be actively spun to get it going, it will then keep going for a long time on its own. This side is suitable for practising.

    Product information:

    • Both sides have an anti-slip coating
    • Diameter: 55 cm
    • Height: 22 cm
    • Can hold up to 100 kg
    • Patented

    Promotes coordination and motor skills
    Rotation on the Pedalo "Rodeosell" is possible on both sides: on the active side, the person exercising goes faster by pushing themselves and is then able to turn in a controlled manner. On the passive side, the "Rodeosell" creates momentum of its own thanks to its sloping design and starts moving even with the slightest movement. It gets faster and faster, until to try to stop it.

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