One of the essential pieces of kit for your sensory room or exploration. 


The Multi-Colour Sparkling Fibre Optics are manufactured here in the UK, assuring you of the highest quality and craftsmanship. 


Stunning, bright but gentle colour change alongside a beautiful 'sparkle' along the entire fibre optic's length. Offers a tactile element as well as visual- the fibres are safe to touch, with no heat emitted. 


Uses include draping over a bean bag (as pictured on our donut cushion bean bag), or using in your lap or the floor. You can also use the fibres in staging- making a heart shape and keeping the light on red (there is a nifty push button on the lightsource to stop the colour in motion) for Valentines day, or pausing on blue and pretending its the waves of the Ocean. The only limit is your imagination!


The fibres won't work without the lightsource (or power source), so we only offer packages to include everything you need to plug and play from the minute your delivery arrives! The lightsource plugs into the mains and the fibres are secured into the hole at the front of the lightsource. Please keep the lightsource ventilated and away from small children. 


Various lengths are available, from 1m to 3m, with various options for number of strands from 100 to 300. 


As well as our Standard Kit, we also offer interactive sparkle fibre strands, allowing the user to control the colour:


  • Switch Box Remote Control Option

Supplied with an LED lightsource, with a wireless touch sensitive switch box which allows you to pick the exact colour output you require; using its 5 large coloured buttons. You can also connect other switches into the jack sockets on the side of the switch box. Rechargeable using supplied charger. 

Fibre Optics with LED Lightsource

Size (all including lightsource)

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