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    The Forest School Educational Pack

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    The Sensory Forest School Package includes 4 different natural houses for learning about and investigating insects:  Bobby’s Bug House, Bertie Bees House, Lucy Ladybird’s House and Betty Butterfly Bistro- each one with magnifiying glass and a project book to learn all about each creature. These insect houses are specifically designed for children.

    To inspire art and creativity outside, we have also included 10 x Chalkboard Slice Logs and 6 x Candy Coloured Logs to sit on and explore the nature boxes and books, or to draw.

    Candy Coloured Logs:

    Colourful painted logs in various sizes- can be used as seating around a table, or in a circle formation for storytelling. Can also be used as stepping logs to aid balance and co-ordination. Made from Larch and sanded down to prevent splinters, then painted with a water proof paint.


    Chalkboard Slices:

    Handmade log slices made from larch and painted with exterior quality chalkboard paint.

    Unleash children's creativity- let them make marks on these chalkboard slices and create abstract pieces of art. Each measure approx 300mm diameter x 30mm wide


    Bobby's Bug House: 

    It has both canes and drilled holes to provide homes for more different sorts of bugs such as ladybirds and other beneficial insects and pollinators. It is made solid FSC timber from carefully managed forests and has a metal loop from which to hang the box.

    The Bug Box provides an over-wintering habitats for insects like Ladybirds which are natural aphid predators during the winter time and a home for gentle solitary bees who are wonderful garden pollinators as well as other beneficial insects.

    Bobby's Bug Box is supplied in a gift box with an activity book all about bugs and makes an ideal present for children.


    Lucy Ladybird's House:

    Lucy's Ladybird house one of the minibugs collection of functional wildlife habitats specifically designed for children. It offers a habitat for beneficial insects to the garden for learning, study, or simply for the benefits of pest control. Lucy's Ladybird House is a smaller version of the Ladybird Tower and comes with its own project book to learn all about ladybirds,

    Lucy's House is constructed from solid FSC natural timber logs for durability so you can be sure that no other environment has been damaged in making this product. It has a hollow central chamber that is filled with natural material to provide insulation and security plus holes drilled into the log at an upward angle, which allow the insects to reach the insulated and safe inner chamber.

    Lucy's Ladybird House is supplied in a gift box with a magnifying glass and makes an ideal present for children.


    Bertie's Bee House:

    Bertie's Bee House is a fun interactive habitat that provides a home for solitary bees. These bees are safe around children and pets so you can safely observe as bees fill the tubes with their offspring and cover the ends of the tubes with mud or leaves, ready to hatch out next Spring.

    Bertie's Bee House is constructed from solid FSC timber for durability so there is no need for chemical preservatives which may deter the bees. The bee house supplied in a gift box and comes with a project book making it an ideal present for children.

    The Berties Bee House should ideally be hung in warm sunny position, preferably to catch a little morning sun. Facing South / South East is perfect. Ideal height between 0.75m and 1.5m above ground.


    Betty's Butterfly Bistro:

    Betty's Butterfly Bistro is an educational insect habitat that attracts butterflies to the garden for learning, study, or simply for the benefits of plant pollination.

    A children's project book all about Butterflies is included to encourage learning. The habitat can be used as both a nectar feeder to draw butterflies into the garden and an over-wintering habitat. The central removable cassette offers a hibernation/refuge space.

    During summer Betty's Butterfly Bistro should be fitted with the sponge to encourage butterflies to come and feed at the Butterfly Bistro. Wildlife World Butterfly Food or sugar mix can be used to feed the butterflies from the sponge as well as the feeding cups.

    In winter the over-wintering cassette should be fitted instead of the sponge to provide a cosy retreat for non-migratory butterflies.

    Betty's Butterfly Bistro is supplied in a gift box with its own project book and magnifying glass to encourage enjoyable learning. It makes an ideal present for children.


    Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.

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