The Wave touch table is available in a choice of vibrant colours – red, green or blue.


Everything about the design of this wave touch table has been considered with child safety in mind. Normally touch tables and touchscreen stands are made from hard metal or steel, with sharp edges and access to parts which are really not suitable for an environment with young children.


Our tables are made with an ABS plastic housing, with round edged design, making it safe and ideal for toddlers and smaller children. The height is also designed for children not adults.


We use a quality ten point multi-touch screen, using projected capacitive touch, this means that the touchscreen is completely flat on the surface with its edge to edge toughened glass. The touchscreen is the key user component and when used in table tops provides a far better multitouch experience compared to cheaper infra-red touchscreens which have a bezel. The wave tables are equipped with a powerful integrated quad core Android PC, with connection to the internet via WiFi, you can easily install children’s games and apps from the Android Play Store.


Installation of a kiosk software app (purchase of licence needed) will allow you to ‘lock down’ the security on the PC and prevent children from deleting or installing apps, tampering with the PC settings or going onto undesirable websites. Helps children learn together. Keeps children entertained!


Integrated 10W speaker, 16GB Memory Storage, 1 x USB input, Android 4.2 OS version, Projected Capacitive Touchscreen (flat edge to edge toughened glass, no bezel). Power connects in safely in the centre under the table. Product Measurements 102 x 80 x 42 cm (l x w x h). Weight 30 kg. Warranty: 1 year on touchscreen and 2 years on other parts.


Case Study: 

Our Android wave touchscreen tables are installed at Welcome Break motorway services in the UK. A custom branded desktop and kids games are presented on the touchscreen. Only games/apps authorised in the kiosk software installed are shown. The kiosk security software stops children/users from accessing PC settings or deleting/installing apps.


Our Wave Touch Tables work in any setting, be it a sensory room, calming area, nursery or pre-school, or a high traffic area such as school receptions, cafes, libraries or shopping malls. 

The Wave Touch Table


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