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    Vibro Acoustic Rocking Therapy Chair

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    The soft, contoured rocking chair holds the user in a very comfortable position while offering vibratory input. It is covered in a soft, antibacterial, commercial grade fabric which gives a balance between hard wearing and user comfort.

    The user has full control over the audio/vibratory input, as the stream is split. This means you can have high levels of vibro at a lower audio volume (and vice versa). The Vibro-Acoustic Rocker comes with a coaxial audio cable and high powered bass shaker as standard.

    *Includes Deluxe Amplifier & Stereo system. The system offers seamless Bluetooth connectivity for your Android, IOS and other smartphone devices, as well as USB port and Phono connections. The Deluxe Amplifier & Stereo allows the user to have full and easy access control over the Vibro and Acoustic elements of the equipment in order to meet the users needs, such as increasing the vibration while reducing the sound. With the inbuilt CD/DVD player, you can even link up with a TV/Projector to bring to create an immersive and interactive experience.

    PLEASE NOTE: Item is made to order and subject to longer lead times.

    Dimensions: 145 L x 80 W x 105cm H

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