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    Vibroacoustic Rocking Therapy Chair

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    Vibroacoustic Therapy Chair, providing a cradle like movement, with the addition of vibration!

    Vinyl covered so can be wiped down easily.

    The chair needs to be connected to a hi-fi unit, then it will magnify the musical vibrations so they are felt more easily.


    Vibroacoustic Rocking Therapy Chair with vinyl covering, offers a safe, relaxing space within your sensory room, with the addition of vibrations when connected to the hi-fi unit.

    Vibration therapy has been demonstrated to provide positive healing effects for an extensive range of mental and physical health disorders.

    Making use of sound to produce vibrations that flow directly to the body, the therapy offers a non invasive and energy based approach to health.

    The vibration can be very calming and soothing for individuals with sensory processing disorders such as autism and ADHD, calming over stimulated individuals.

    Requires seperate hi-fi unit, which can be purchased with us.

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    Resonance CD, Vibroacoustic Rocking Therapy Chair, Vibroacoustic Rocking Therapy Chair with Hi-Fi Unit

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