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    Weighted Therapy Blanket – Cotton

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    Weighted Therapy Blankets:

    Weighted therapy is the use of weighted products to apply pressure to the body, stimulating the proprioceptors found in the muscles, enabling those who are “sensory seeking” to relax, focus and have a greater awareness of their body.

    The proprioceptive sense gives us information about our body’s position and movement via receptors on the skin, in the muscles, joints and ligaments. Those with a poor proprioceptive sense have difficulty interpreting these sensations often resulting in wanting to act in a way that gives them sensory feedback – for example jumping on a trampoline, chewing, spinning, running etc with seemingly limitless reserves of energy! They have great difficulty switching off and usually do not sleep well at night. This “sensory seeking” behaviour can be calmed and controlled by the use of weighted therapy and the application of deep pressure through the use of weighted blankets.

    It is thought that the pressure also helps to release naturally occurring serotonin in the body, which is then converted to melatonin. This is believed to help our bodies relax and rest.

    Weighted therapy is becoming widely recommended in the UK by Paediatricians and Occupational Therapists who work with children, adolescents and adults with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Prader-Willi syndrome, Retts syndrome, Downs syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder.

    It is widely used as a safe and effective treatment for sensory integration and has been recommended for use in schools, hospitals and the home setting.

    Our Blankets:

    Machine sewn design for durable use
    Produced from 100% cotton
    Our blankets are CE certified and can be washed

    Available with two different fillings:
    o Glass granules – perfect for light sleepers as it resembles the sound of the sand. This is better option for heavier blankets as it removes the volume making it easier to store or when travelling.

    o Natural gravel – perfect for those who are environmentally conscious and who likes a bit of an earthy sound. Bumpy texture is great benefit for sensory seekers.

    Please always use under an adult supervision


    What Size do I order?

    Small: 90 x 120cm

    Medium: 100 x 150cm

    Large: 150 x 200cm

    What weight do I order?

    The general rule is 10% of the body weight.


    2 kg - 4.4 lb * 20 kg - 3.1 st

    2.5 kg - 5.5 lb * 25 kg - 3.9 st

    3 kg - 6.6 lb 30 kg - 4.7 st

    3.5 kg - 7.7 lb 35 kg - 5.5 st

    4 kg - 8.8 lb 40 kg - 6.3 st

    4.5 kg - 9.9 lb 45 kg - 7 st

    5 kg - 11 lb 50 kg - 7.9 st

    5.5 kg - 12 lb 55 kg - 8.7 st

    6 kg - 13.2 lb 60 kg - 9.5 st

    6.5 kg - 14.3 lb 65 kg - 10.2 st

    7 kg - 15.4 lb 70 kg - 11 st

    7.5 kg - 16.5 lb 75 kg -11.8 st

    8 kg - 17.6 lb 80 kg - 12.6 st

    8.5 kg - 18.7 lb 85 kg - 13.4 st

    9 kg - 19.8 lb 90 kg - 14.2 st

    9.5 kg - 21 lb 95 kg - 15 st

    10 kg - 22 lb 100 kg - 15.7 st

    * Available on request

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