Sensory Room Maintenance


Sense Sensory provide Sensory Room Servicing/Maintenance for a variety of rooms including, soft play, sensory and safe spaces throughout the UK. 

Tasks undertaken include: 

Bubble Tube Emptying, Cleaning and Re-filling

We provide a deep clean of the tube, siphon out the water and re-fill with clean water. Emptying bubble tubes are recommended every 8-12 weeks, helping to prevent harmful bacteria and algae from developing. If left, the tube may become discoloured, you may notice it bubbling less and eventually, no bubbles at all. This will put strain on the pump which is blocked and may overheat, causing damage to the pump. 

During our servicing visits, we add BCB Anti Bacterial Fluid to each tube. This fluid helps delay the onset of bacterial build-up and keeps your water healthy for longer. We recommend 20ml of fluid for each tube. Please do not use bleach or milton tablets as this may stain the tube internally. 

Deep Steam Clean of all Padding and Soft Play

Any wall or floor padding will require a deep clean due to the amount of contact it will have over time. It may start to look dirty and unappealing if not serviced properly. This applies to any individual soft play items and custom made cushioned seating areas.  Wiping down with Anti-Bacterial wipes is also completed.


Will be serviced, including any bulb changes. Dust can often build up internally in projectors, which can make the mage quality quite poor. We will clean internal parts and wheels and ensure they are focused correctly for optimal use. 

Fibre Optics

Our servicing team will advise you if your existing fibre optics are the old style glass fibres or the new polymer plastic fibres. The glass fibres do present a risk when mouthed and we do not provide this type of fibre, however, it is up to you if you are happy with them- we will not do any hard sell! 

The lightsources will require a dust and check for ventilation, any bulb changes or internal colour/twinkle wheels will also be cleaned. 


We will look at any colour room control, computer control or ipad control system that you have in place to ensure it is in its best working order. This includes ensuring switches are interacting with the relevant products in the right way. 

We also provide cleans of acrylic mirrors, ball pools and ensure all mounting brackets remain secure

Our service contracts apply to our installed rooms as well as rooms supplied by other sensory companies.

Please fill in this Servicing Requirements Form and send back to for a quotation. 

Download our servicing request form to fill in for a quote in word or pdf here:


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