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    How to Build an Effective Sensory Room

    How to Build an Effective Sensory Room

    As the awareness of sensory needs increases it’s so very important to provide support in the right way to both special needs children and adults.

    This should always be the basis to any design and build, ensuring an environment is created where all can benefit, where they feel supported and most importantly where they feel safe.

    Deciding on the correct room function.

    Main room designs include:

    • A Multi-Sensory Room

    This is a room to stimulate the senses while providing a soft safe environment avoiding possible harm.

    • A Sensory Integration Room

    This room aims to encourage and develop confidence and mobility.

    • A De-Escalation Room

    A safe padded room where the over stimulated can calm gradually in a gentle and controlled way, remembering this can always be an outdoor area.

    Once a decision is made on the overall use the designated space, you next need to look at whether the room is suitable by considering the following:

    Is the room suitable?

    Space –

    • Is the room big enough for what you need it for?
    • Is it a relaxing area? not too close to a busy corridor, playground or outside road.
    • Will the required equipment fit comfortably giving full potential?

    Set up –

    • Are there windows offering either too much light or not enough ventilation.
    • Remember the walls can all be used effectively, but is there easy access to sockets?
    • What is the ambient lighting like? Remembering that some equipment is more beneficial in a darker environment.
    • Could black out blinds be installed?
    • Are the ceilings high/adaptive, is the room narrow, can it be painted?

    All areas need to be considered thoroughly before going onto the design phase, it is essential that this is done correctly to get full use of the area, the equipment and to achieve the ultimate outcome.

    Sense Sensory have a fully qualified design and build team with an abundance of knowledge to help you achieve making the most of your space with the correct equipment for the best price.

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