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    Sensory Servicing

    Sense Sensory provide Sensory Room Servicing/Maintenance for a variety of rooms including, soft play, sensory and safe spaces throughout the UK. 

    Tasks undertaken will include

    • Bubble Tube Emptying, Cleaning and Re-filling
    • Deep Steam Clean of all Padding and Soft Play
    • Projectors will be serviced

    • Our servicing team will advise you if your existing fibre optics are the old style glass fibres or the new polymer plastic fibres. The glass fibres do present a risk when mouthed and we do not provide this type of fibre, however, it is up to you if you are happy with them- we will not do any hard sell! 
    • We will look at any colour room control, computer control or ipad control system that you have in place to ensure it is in its best working order.

    We also provide cleans of acrylic mirrors, ball pools and ensure all mounting brackets remain secure

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