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    3 Swings and Foldable Frame

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    3 Swings with Foldable Metal Frame including

    Cocoon Indoor Swing-

    The calming effect of this darkened safe place promote the sensory benefits from deep pressure
    and vestibular stimulation.  Includes a Swivel and a set of balls. 50 x 160cm. 90kg


    Platform Swing-

    Vestibular stimulation can also be used in prone to enhance the ability to extend against gravity. Swivel included.
    Size 75 x 75cm.
    Weight limit 90kg


    Trapeze Bar-

    Our Trapeze Bar is foam lined to make it comfortable for the user when hanging. They are great for sensory integration and provide the user with vestibular sensory input. Trapeze Bar is great fun when playing with a friend, it helps you develop social skills which could be great practice for those of you that struggle with this.  You can hang or swing or use your arms and legs on Trapeze Bar, helping you to gain more control of your body which develops motor skills.  Weight limit 90kgs.

    Frame is made from Galvanized Steel. May be used indoors or outdoors and folds away for storage.
    Weight limit of 140 lbs.

    • Dimensions: H: 220 x W: 160 x D: 210cm
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