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    Science Activity Station

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    The Science Activity Station is full of cool, interactive features that will make learning while playing a fun experience.

    The unit features a weather station that contains atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature gauges, along with sliders to record the current conditions.

    A water cycle panel that shows the different states and processes that move water around our planet. Animal classification group names with first letter sliders to complete the names.

    Show Me butterfly life cycle disc which reveals the different stages of metamorphosis of a butterfly.

    Solar System graphic with the planets of our solar system.

    Space Explorer, where you can move the rocket ship sliders from spinning planet to planet, exploring your mini universe.

    Learn about a simple gear ratio, while watching and listening to the balls tumbling over the cog pins.

    Fossils slider, try and match the fossilised footprints with the correct animal.

    Activity stations are compact units that are supplied with all the parts ready for you to assemble, and with the brackets to attach to your surface if required.

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