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    Body Roller

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    Press yourself between the rolls for deep pressure and a stimulating sense of proprioception. Exercises provide deep sensations, they are recommended for sensory disorders and used to inhibit tactile defense. This device has mini rollers for exercising arms and legs, mini rollers to stimulate feet and to also release hand cramps.

    • The Body Roller is ideal as part of a sensory circuit,
    • The pressure exerted by the roller can be changed.
    • The massage rollers provide proprioceptive stimulation.
    • This action has a calming and relaxing effect and is especially useful for sensory disorders.
    • The device helps to reduce the child’s tactile hypersensitivity.
    • It has a full body roller and mini rollers on the sides for hands and feet that can help to release cramps.
    • Standard Body Roller  75 x 75 x 75cm
    • Large Body Roller       160 x 85 x 45cm

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