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    Body Sock

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    Wrapping your child’s body using high elastic fabric, providing deep pressure stimulation to help relieve anxiety, it’s like receiving a giant hug. The resistance also stimulates the sensory system through powerful proprioceptive input, helping the child to improve their body and spatial awareness.

    • Available in three sizes
    • Breathable material for functional use
    • Increase body awareness and builds muscle strength
    • Stimulates tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive system


    Small (3-5 years) - 95cm L x 58cm W - opening 60cm- suitable for children 1m to 1.25m tall  (PURPLE)

    Medium (6-9 years) - 115cm long x 68cm wide- opening 63cm- suitable for children 1.2m to 1.45m tall (GREEN)

    Large (10-14 years) - 145cm long x 70cm wide - opening 65cm - suitable for children 1.5m to 1.75m tall (BLUE)


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