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    Build n Balance set

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    • Exciting and challenging balancing system.
    • The elements can be combined in countless ways so use your imagination to set up all the balance courses and landscapes you can build.
    • The level of difficulty can be varied to suit the development levels of the children and can be built at heights ranging from 100 to 240mm -depending on how brave the children are!

    The set includes:

    • 6 x Yellow Tops
    • 2 x Red Tops
    • 3 x Planks
    • 3 x Log Planks
    • 2 x Bridge Piers
    • 1 x Slack Line
    • 1 x Rocking Plank
    • 1 x Bars and Joints
    • 1 x Tilting Disc
    Build N’ Balance® is being constantly evaluated and developed, introducing new parts and features to offer even more challenging play opportunities.

    Maximum load 100kg.

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