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    Cocoon Hanging Nest Swing

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    The “Cocoon” hanging nest is a great mix of hammock, swing chair and cosy cave, which can be enjoyed by children, teenagers and adults alike.

    • Perfect for relaxation
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors
    • Easy to install without tools
    • High-quality and easy-to-clean canvas material
    • Available in 3 sizes and 2 colours

    The “Cocoon” hanging nest for use in therapy, in schools and outdoors
    The “Cocoon” hanging nest is the perfect place to get comfy, unwind and feel safe or simply relax after a stressful day. This pleasantly soft, natural-white “cacoon” offers many different uses in therapy, free time and for use outdoors. Children with sensory impairments enjoy retreating to the hanging cave. Combining the “cacoon” with cushions gives you the perfect place to feel safe. Gentle swaying movements entice you into deep dreams. Hyperactive children can relax and enjoy swaying. And they can of course bring their favourite toys along with them.

    The “Cocoon” hanging nest – a place to feel safe
    Hanging nests are also perfect for use in psychotherapy: therapists and patients can sit in the hanging nest together. The nest surrounds the therapist and patient, creating a safe place where people can trust one another and open up to one another in a clam and relaxed atmosphere.

    An enhancement for your child’s bedroom, for your garden and for hiking enthusiasts
    These cocoons are also perfect for nurseries and preschools. The small, hanging caves are highly engaging, are inviting to play and hide in, and are great for imaginative roleplay. The hanging nest really enhances any child’s bedroom, as well as any living room or garden for the whole family. Lovers of the outdoors can simply take the “Cocoon” with them on hiking tours and hang it on a tree. Every hanging nest can hold up to 200 kg. Minimum hanging height is 2.45 m. ideal for hanging heights of 2.7 m or higher. For optimal use, a space with a diameter of approx. 2.5 m is required.

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    For use indoors or outdoors – easy to look after
    "Cocoon" hanging nests can be used indoors and outdoors. The high-quality canvas for outdoor use (65% cotton, 35% polyester) is very easy to clean and is machine-washable on a cold wash without bleach.

    The hanging nests are available in 3 sizes:

    • "Bonsai" hanging nest: ø 1.2 m – the small version for 1-2 children, colour: natural white
    • "Single" hanging nest: ø 1.5 m – for one adult or 1-3 children, colour: natural white or red
    • "Double" hanging nest: ø 1.8 m – the larger version for up to 2 adults, colour: natural white or red


    • 1x cocoon
    • 1x 4-m hanging rope with steel snap hooks
    • 1x set with 8 aluminium ring elements
    • 1x cocoon carry bag

    Safety snap hook required and Ceiling Mount with Half Ring included.

    Ceiling Mounts- as pictured:

    • TÜV approved
    • Safe suspension
    • Extremely strong: will support up to 200 kg
    • With screw closing chain link

    To hang swings etc. safely. Solid steel construction, can withstand up to 2 kN (approx. 200 kg). With screw closing chain link. Max. load capacity on label.
    LxW: 300x150 mm

    • Plate thickness: 10 mm
    • Weight: 3.8 kg

    Information for structural engineers

    Load-bearing capacity for the attachment of rope ladders, swings, ropes, etc. in accordance with DIN 1055, part 3: for each suspension unit, a vertical load of 2000 N and a horizontal load of 900 N must be taken into account (without the dynamic coefficient).



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    Bonsai 1.2m diameter, Double 1.8m diameter, Single 1.5m diameter


    Red, White

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