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    Coral Sea Dreaming CD

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    A beautiful ambient music CD for relaxation, healing and meditation. Stunningly harmonious and perfectly balanced, this wonderful soundtrack for the multi-award-winning film, Coral Sea Dreaming.

    There are no gaps between the songs, no stops and starts, just one long 47 minute peaceful flowing journey. This CD is very suitable for use in meditation or for practitioners to use as healing background music whilst practising any of the healing arts. It is also our number one choice for background music in sensory rooms.

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    Even in the music to the multi-award-winning film CORAL SEA DREAMING (an underwater odyssey with no speech...just a 55 minute soundtrack) one can feel the emotional connection to the imagery. Her work has been described as "a balm to my soul", "pulls you into this other world", "transported to heaven", "there is peace somewhere!".

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