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    Explorers Tactile Panel

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    Brand new and exclusive, the Sensory Explorers Tactile Panel is a colourful, weatherproof panel to place in your sensory garden.

    Handmade in the UK by us! The craftmanship is excellent, made to stand the test of time.

    The panel comes with 8 different sensory textures to explore including:

    • Acrylic Grass
    • Bobbly Rubber Matting
    • Galvenised Lock n Chains
    • Rough Rock Holds
    • Chalkboards
    • Peepholes with coloured acrylic to look through.
    • Wooden Bees
    • Shiny Acrylic

    Explore the different textures and explain how they feel- are they cold or warm? Do they feel nice and soft or hard and rough?

    We have enhanced our previous model and included items they can be manipulated- like the ring and chains- pull the chain round and round and hear the sounds it makes. Practice locks and bolts and draw on the chalkboards. Our favourite panel is the acrylic peepholes- with 3 different acrylic colours- yellow, red and blue- have a look through and see the world in a different light!


    Comes with large posts, ready to be cemented into the ground. Individual panel sizes measure 30 x 30cm. Height including posts is 75cm and width of the panel is approx 180cm. 50cm of extra post is then placed under the ground to secure in place.

    You can have the made made with no posts. Please state when ordering.

    Item is made to order by us, so please allow at least 2-4 weeks delivery.

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