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    Hopscotch Musical Pads

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    Unique and Designed by us!

    Set of 8 Mini Floor Sounds Pads to play a traditional game of hopscotch indoors.

    Each pad has a number stitched on the top, and velcro on the sides to allow for any configuration.

    • Use them as floor mats to sit on individually
    • Hopscotch game- with sounds!
    • Learn about different pitch sounds- arrange high to low or low to high
    • Learning numbers- jump to number 8, then 5 etc
    • Learning about number flow- arrange 8 to 1 or 1-8 or all evens, all odds
    • Learning about colours through play
    • Balance on one foot
    • Group work- make sounds together or play a balance game

    Each pad measures 40 x 50cm with a hidden sound note inside- activated by pressure- jump onto the centre of it to hear the sound emit.

    Allows for an array of different games, stimulating sound, sight, and movement and balance.

    Complete with velco sides to join them in a long line, or in a hopscotch formation.

    Anti slip backing and wipe clean vinyl

    No batteries or mains power required- maintenance free!


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