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    Interactive Bubble Tubes

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    The Interactive Sensory Bubble Tube is a durable, easy to set up bubble tube that cycles through various colours including red, green,blue, yellow and white.

    You can interact with the bubble tube via the wireless switch box or soft play cube control. This will change the colours and the flow of the bubbles.

    The ever changing LED lights produce a very calming sensory effect and remains a center piece for most sensory rooms.

    Calming and Interactive Bubble Tube that offers users control to select the colour or the flow of the bubbles.

    Wireless Switch Box is charged via a mains lead, and offers red, green, blue or yellow large push buttons that light up. The middle white button turns the flow of the bubble on and off. There are 3.5mm jack sockets on the side of the box, which allows for the use of other switches, which would override the push buttons. Ideal for wheelchair users, due to its portability.

    The Soft Play Cube control allows the user to roll the dice on the floor, or turn in your hands- whatever colour facing upward on the soft play cube- the bubble tube will change to. Hygienic, soft and safe to use- easily wipe clean.

    Choose whether to add an additonal tube within the bubble tube with balls & beads- to provide for tracking skills and additional sensory input.

    Durable bubble tube available in various different heights, with or without a wall bracket or a padded base.

    High quality, well built item with an excellent pump and bright smooth colour changes. Robust PVC tube provides strength against hard knocks.

    Bubbles appear around the whole tube, rather than just in the center, as some cheaper modes.

    We would highly recommend our wall bracket for secure fixing, preventing the tube being pulled over.

    • Interactive Colour Changing Bubble tube with either the wireless switch box, or the soft play cube control.
    • 1.5m and 1.75m height options available
    • All tubes measure 150mm in diameter
    • Comes with a small square plastic base (16cm in height x 38cm wide x 38cm deep)

    Optional Extras:

    • Padded floor surrounds- Square or Corner
    • Ball & Beads
    • Wall Brackets

    Additional Options available online:

    • BCB Anti-Bacterial Fluid
    • Acrylic Mirror - one to go behind the square base 100 x 160cm
    • Acrylic Mirrors- two to go in a corner to match the corner base - each measuring 120 x 160cm
    • Mobile Bubble Tube base

    We also have passive bubble tubes- with no interaction.

    Additional information


    Bubble Tube with Switch Box, Bubble Tube with Soft Play Cube Control


    1.5m, 1.75m

    Add Wall Bracket

    Yes, Add Wall Bracket, No Wall Bracket

    Add Ball/Beads

    Yes Add Ball & Beads to Tube, No Ball & Beads

    Add a Padded Base

    No Base, Square 100 x 100cm Base, Corner 120 x 120cm Base

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