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    Interactive Massage Seclusion Mattress

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    200 X 80cm Single Bed seclusion mattress by Sense Sensory
    EXCLUSIVE ITEM produced by us- complete with integrated massage system and wired remote control.
    Ideal for the sensory seeker who may struggle to fall asleep without sensory input.
    • The massage system offers 2 different modes of vibration, and 6 different modes of massage to stimulate different areas of the body from your neck, back, legs and ankles.
    • A 15 or 30 minute timer can be activated – select a programme to run to ease the user to sleep.
    • If no input is required, the unit can be switched off and used as a wipe clean seclusion mattress.
    • PVC Vinyl covered in your colour choice from our range, enclosed.
    We manufacture this item with a memory foam and HD foam base. We can adjust to suit the user.
    • Does the user require a firmer mattress?
    • Does the user require a softer memory foam mattress?
    • Is there any requirement for hidden zips?
    • Do you require a heavy base to prevent the user moving it?
    • Any requirement for wall padding surround the bed?
    • We can create the mattresses with or without the interactive mat, and to any size required.
    • Our team can provide install including setting up the bed in the room required, ready for use.
    Please email us for a custom quote.
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