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    Magic Light Easel

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    The Magic Light Easel is a unique product meant for art, self- expression and therapy applications. The transparent glass surface can be painted and every dab will be illuminated!

    There are 16 colours and 4 automatic colour change programmes.

    The same painting can be transformed at the flick of a switch just by changing the light colours on the easel.

    You can draw on the easel from both sides at the same time, using your fingers, various brushes or non-permanent markers. Make imprints with your palms.

    Can be used as a blackboard, a theatre backdrop, a notice board or as a night lamp!

    Paint, clean and paint again, as many times as you wish! The glass is removeable, so easily cleaned.

    Measures 557 x 467mm

    4kg weight

    16 colours

    6mm tempered glass


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