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    Medical Care Chair Bean Bag

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    The Care Chair medical bean bag has been designed as a big recliner that can also be a super supportive bucket chair. You can add or remove the bean sacks to alter the amount of filling, therefore altering the level of support.

    Taped seams to stop ingress of fluids coupled with antimicrobial, easy clean, urine resistant fabrics make the Care Chair ideally suited for a wide range of medical and care environments.

    The Care Chair medical bean bag capitalises on the developments in medical technical textiles, the outer material being a fire retardant, two-way stretch, anti-microbial, moisture vapour transferring (‘breathable’), polyurethane membrane laminated to a polyester knit. This allows moisture vapour to migrate away from the body heat and pressure source therefore enhancing patient comfort.


    Measures approx 80cm diameter.

    Comes in Navy Blue- other colours available.

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