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    Midi Enchanted Interactive Floor System

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    High brightness Midi system offer an all in one design, easy to install in any environment. The high brightness projector produces an image size of 2.2m x 7.1m  (dependent upon height installation).
    If installed at 1.3m height, the system will produce a 2.2m x 1.7m (2.8m diagonal) projected size.
    The Midi system combines high technology with simple design to produce a low cost, portable interactive floor system for special needs, hospitals, schools, nurseries and care homes. The projection responds to body movements with the overhead detection camera. With this projector you can create an interactive sensory room by allowing even those with limited movement to alter aspects of their immediate environment.
    Multiple themes and images are combined with built in speakers for audio effects. The range of themes are vast- examples include ‘Splat the Balloons’ ‘Scatter the Flowers’  and ‘Fishpool’- where the fish swim away from you!
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