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    Mini Enchanted Interactive Floor/Table Projector

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    The New Mini Floor/Table Interactive Projector system is one of the most portable interactive floors available.

    Lightweight and easy to move from room to room, and offers “plug and play” operation with no set up required.

    It has all the educational and stimulating benefits of the larger systems, with just a smaller projection size of 160cm diagonal, and a price tag of less than half the larger system (RRP £6995).

    There are two options for software:

    • Standard- for SEN environments, education establishments, hospitals, home use and children’s areas. Over 350+ activities plus the ability to create your own through the editor


    • Wellbeing- for use within Dementia care, Adults and older care establishments. Over 100+ targeted activities to cover social, physical and mental wellbeing.

    All software comes pre installed- simply plug and play.


    Optimised for use 1.2m from the floor. We do also have an optional extra- a mobile trolley.

    It transforms any floor, in a domestic or educational setting, into a fun, immersive and interactive environment. Touch and move the objects projected, including fish that swim away from you while you create ripples in the water, push flowers and leaves around the table, play mini football with a friend, or choose some fun games for developing hand to eye co-ordination.

    Come with a mat for floor projector, or use any lighter table/floor surface.

    • One of the smallest, most portable interactive touch activated projectors on the market
    • Very easy to set up, just plug and play the pre-set activities
    • Can be used on the floor or a table top, including wheelchair trays
    • Projector itself is approx the size of a shoebox
    • Max projected size of 160cm diagonal
    • Optional extra- a mobile trolley- see picture above

    Can be fixed back to the wall with a simple picture hook or nail, and plugged in for easy operation.

    We do have an optional extra (£300 exc vat) mobile trolley, so you can carry the product from room to room.

    The effects are huge! Each system comes with:

    • 249 Music or sound effect files
    • 112 Video files
    • 688 background images
    • 35 wide screen images split int 4 pieces for using to create blended themes.
    • All themes can be customised in some way and new themes can easily be created using the media supplied or media imported by the end user. There is no software limit to the number of themes that can be created or media that can be imported.

    Example themes: 

    • SPLAT THEME- splat objects as they appear, 14 pre created themes included, five effects currently in the system, background image and music can be customised and you can import your own splat objects. The five effects under this theme include 1) Balloons, 2) Beach balls, 3) Insects, 4) Sports Balls, 5) Ice Cream
    • WATER RIPPLE- move across the floor and create a water ripple where you touch, 38 pre created themes, background and foreground images can be customised to allow layered and flat effects, music also customisable. Under fish theme the number of fish is configurable from 1--10
    • PARTICLES- particles appear beneath the user that fly, fall or follow the user around the floor. 19 effects currently in the system- direction is configurable for each particle. Includes: 1) Confetti, 2) Fire, 3) Stars, 4) Comet , 5) Snow, 6) Bubbles, 7) Bubbles 2, 8) Flowers, 9) Hearts, 10) Smoke, 11) Spiral, 12) Gears, 13) Birds, 14) Coloured Stars, 15) Stars 3, 16) Sun 17) Balloons 18) Bees
    • RETRACT- move across the floor and objects retreat from touch. Eight effects to choose from 1) Leaves, 2) Flower, 3) Snow, 4) Poppy, 5) Balls, 6) Sweets 7) Bubbles 8) Jelly Bean
    • MEDIA PLAYER- a theme with no interaction- intended to just play video, music or display an image (ideal for logo’s in an entrance way).
    • SHARKS- Sharks swim across the blended screens, bubbles appear when you interact. Four pre created themes
    • SCATTER- Use your movement to scatter objects. 8 effects to choose from: 1) Leaves, 2) Flower, 3) Snow, 4) Poppy, 5) Balls 6) Sweets, 7) Bubbles
    • REPEL- users movement scatters a top image to reveal an image below. 7 pre created themes.
    • REVEAL- users movement makes and image appear to hide an image or video beneath. 27 pre created themes.
    • FADE- users movement makes an image fade to reveal an image of video beneath. 18 pre created themes.
    • FLIP- users movement makes an image flip to reveal an image or background underneath. Speed of flip is customisable, 11 pre created themes.
    • IMAGE PAINTER-users movement colours in pictures and videos, turning them from black and white to colour, or to transform from one image to another. 32 pre created themes.
    • QUESTIONS- answer questions by standing on or touching the correct answers, questions can be built with pictures, videos and sounds. Pictures and text can be used as possible answers. New questions can be added .14 pre created themes
    • FIREWORKS- move across the floor and create fireworks- 13 pre created themes.

    The unit comes with a 1 year onsite warranty and remote support - we also provide online 1 to 1 demo's free of charge once purchased to enable easy set up and any questions to be asked easily.

    After the first year, the editor and remote support would switch to an optional subscription. This would mean that if you wish to create new themes after the first year, you would need to pay for subscription. Most customers would create all the themes they require during the first year and also continue to use them as well as the pre made themes the unit comes with, however, if you wish to have a 2nd year to create new themes, please get in touch with us for pricing on an extended subscription.


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    Interactive Projector- with Standard Software, Interactive Projector- with Wellbeing Software, Mobile Trolley for Interactive Projector

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