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    Padded Seating Area

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    Sense Sensory has created many bespoke padded seating areas- from rectangular platforms at the back of a calming room to curved seating areas with sensory equipment including bubble tubes, fibre optics, infinity panels, and colour creation tubes.

    We have completed projects for secure unit’s that require a fixed seating solution and pads without fixings that could be tampered with, using anti – tamper screws and no staples we can offer a robust solution for the most vulnerable people.

    This particular super durable padded seating area can be made in any size, length or height to fit tightly into any space within your Sensory area.
    The padded back support can be secured onto any wall to weigh the seat down, this also avoids overbalance.
    Choose any colour from our swatches.


    Please contact us for prices.

    This product is measured to size based on the dimensions of the area.
    (For Example: This seating area within the product image is 1.2m long x 60cm wide x 40cm high + £995)
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