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    Portable Enchanted Interactive Floor System

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    The Enchanted lmmersive Interactive System is a portable futuristic touch sensitive floor, with an array of multi-sensory learning experiences.

    The images projected offer gesture controlled interaction, from walking across snow to playing the piano, learning maths, setting off fireworks or celebrating someones birthday, each programme is ready to go- no templates and input required! Ready to plug and play with 25 different applications! It also comes with a super bright projector, so it will work in lighter environments too. You can move this version around and plug in where you are!

    Sense Sensory’s immersive projection system has been custom made to aid teachers and carers in sensory sessions and to aid physical development.

    • For children, its a colorful, magical environment that they can change with every touch.
    • For teachers, its a intuitive learning tool to aid lessons and imagination.
    • For SEN, its a tool to aid commincation and social skills, learn to play together and convey your emotion.
    • For carers, its a trip down memory lane; personalised birthday celebrations, and dance hall.

    It comes with a simple interface so you can easily change the background image or setting of each application. e.g you could use the ‘Just Quiz’ and enter in your own questions and images, making it ideal as a learning tool to supliment classes in a fun and interactive way.

    It comes with 25 pre-programmed applications, so you are ready from day one!

    • Happy Birthday
    • Emotion Squares
    • Learn Colours
    • Play the Piano
    • Rippling Fish Pool
    • Football
    • Spaceship
    • Fantastic Fireworks
    • Cracking Ice
    • Footprints in the sand
    • Trip down Memory Lane
    • Apollo’s Trip to the Moon
    • Game Centre
    • Paint Pots
    • Patch a Water Pipe
    • Disco Dance Floor
    • Autumn Leaves
    • Ice Hockey
    • Snow Footprint
    • Flowers
    • Just Quiz
    • Maths Bubbles
    • Funny Face
    • Dancing Floor
    • Fish & Turtles Pool


    Description of some of the programmes: 


    • Happy Birthday: Plays the 'happy birthday to you...' song and when you touch the sparkles, 'Happy Birthday Susan' appears (name can be easily changed for whomever's birthday it is!.) Music and text can be changed so it becomes a celebration of a milestone, or particular achievement!
    • Football: Boys will love the indoor interactive football game- ideal for two players, you can shoot and score without breaking any furniture!
    • Rippling Fish Pool: Complete with water sound effects this program has various fish swimming among rocks while users can stand, jump or touch the pond's water creating ripple effects even with the slightest touch. Ideas for customizing this scene include changing the number of fish, the speed of fish swimming & the size of the fish.
    • Cracking Ice: The ice cracks and splits as you walk along it or touch it with your hands. Sound effects make it feel even more real!
    • Spaceship- Stop the rockets from crashing into the planet by treading on them before they hit the planet, making them explode! (children..and adults particularly like this one!
    • Fantastic Fireworks- A beautiful night scene with small twinkling stars- tred on the stars to watch them turn into fireworks and explode in the sky!
    • Autumn Leaves: A beautiful autumn scene appears and as you sweep your hands over the tree, leaves gently rustle down to the floor.
    • Apollo's Trip to the Moon: Walk over the image of the moon landing, and watch it cloud over and fade into a HD video of a rocket launching into space! Complete with Neil Armstrong's 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind' speech. Also excellent for teaching about the moon landing.


    • Emotion Squares: Walk over or touch the squares with emoji faces to reveal the text for that emotion, for example, the emjoi face for 'frustration' turns over to reveal the text. Ideal for sensory sessions to explore how users feel that day, or how they think others feel.
    • Trip down Memory Lane: Although this programme is pre-set with black and white photos, the images can easily be changed to any image/video/picture. So if a users particular misses their family when at school or a respite centre, their family images can be put into this programme- pets, parents, grandparents and so on, to create an open discussion on their family members. This application can also be used as a teaching aid- any images can be added, so the teacher can lift off images online for the different seasons to enable a discussion and lesson on winter, spring, summer and autumn, or a lesson on different dinosaurs (complete with their roars!), and many more lessons that only your imagination restricts!
    • Happy Birthday: Plays the 'happy birthday to you...' song and when you touch the sparkles, 'Happy Birthday Susan' appears (name can be easily changed for whomever's birthday it is!.) Music and text can be changed so it becomes a celebration of a milestone, or particular achievement!
    • Maths Bubbles: Pop the number bubbles to add up to the correct number! Fun way to learn maths.


    • Disco Dance Floor: For those who feel young at heart; have a dance around on the interactive floor or if used as a wall, move your body across it or use your hands to move the sparkles. Complete with mirror ball picture! You can alter the audio easily to the users preference- or their itune list!
    • Autumn Leaves: Calm and Serene, lovely background image on a wall. Use your hands to shake the leaves from the tree to the floor.
    • Trip down Memory Lane: Pre-set with black and white photos and 'Be My Baby' music! Photos are intended to inspire talk about their past, with a wedding photo, a photo of their family, and children. Photos can easily be replaced with users own- pets, parents, where they used to work etc. Music can be changed easily, to create a unique, personalised trip down memory lane. Each photo changes when you walk over it, or run your hand across it.
    • Happy Birthday: A sparkly celebration programme, with the traditional 'happy birthday to you...' song playing, and when touched the personalised name appears 'Happy Birthday {Susan}' - easily changable to whoever's birthday it is.

    We also have a fixed floor system and a immersive wall system, or you can combine the fixed floor and walls to create a fully immersive sensory room.

    There are two options for software:

    • Standard- for SEN environments, education establishments, hospitals, home use and children’s areas. Over 350+ activities plus the ability to create your own through the editor


    • Wellbeing- for use within Dementia care, Adults and older care establishments. Over 100+ targeted activities to cover social, physical and mental wellbeing.

    All software comes pre installed- simply plug and play.




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