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    Protac Sensit Chair, Footstall and Highback

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    The Protac Sensit Chair is a sensory stimulating chair is filled with balls in the seat and back and in the neck and side wings. The neck and side wings are used to envelop and calm the user by placing them around the body as required. The Protac chair provides a sense of security and calm and increased levels of concentration among users and comes in 2 colour choices Aqua Blue or Lime Green.

    The Protac Sensit High Back Chair is designed with a straight back, which offers an alternative to the Standard Protac Sensit Chair. Ideal for those who are taller than 180cm (5’11”) and for elderly people who have problems standing from a seated position. It provides the same sense of security, calm and comfort and increased levels of concentration as the standard chair.

    Ideal for all ages, care homes, hospices, charities, schools and special schools, psychiatric departments, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as within the home. Suitable for a range of medical conditions including ADHD, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autism, Apoplexy, Brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic pain, Deafness or Blindness, Dementia, Depression, Hypermobility, MS, Parkinsons disease, SPD, Stress, and Tourette’s Syndrome.

    The Protac Sensit chair’s stable shape supports the neck, head and body and the flexibility of the balls in the seat and back makes it easy to adjust the chair to make it comfortable.

    Protac Sensit is used in countless applications including, schools, psychiatric departments, hospitals, sensory rooms, and ordinary homes, for example when watching TV or relaxing with a computer. Particularly ideal for restless children, helping them concentrate when doing homework. In psychiatric departments, the sensit provides a ‘safe refuge’ in communal areas for users who find it difficult to be surrounded by lots of people.

    Therapists use the Protac Sensit chair as a tool for sensory stimulation in sensory rooms acting as a trigger to strengthen the users sense of his or her own body and produce a calming effect. The sensit chair can also be used in connection with preliminary treatment so that the users muscles are relaxed and he or she feels calm and collected, and ready to commence motor skill training.

    For wheelchair users, the Protac Sensit Chair enables he or she to change position during the day.

    Both types are also available with a footstall.

    The cover has a zip so that it can be removed and washed in a washing machine. It can also be wiped with a damp cloth and disinfectant.



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    Footstall, Sensit Chair, Sensit High Back


    Lime Green, Aqua Blue

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