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    Resistance Tunnel

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    The sensory tunnel is the perfect device for children requiring proprioceptive stimulation. Squeezing through this tunnel filled with a special Styrofoam semolina provides a lot of tactile stimulation and is also a lot of fun for the child exercising, despite the challenge involved.

    Thanks to its qualities, the soft tunnel can also be used as a beanbag chair with this type of filling. One can lie, sit or roll around on it.

    Children with sensory integration issues have a number of ways to react to the environment. Even though each child is special, there are few typical ways to respond to sensory input. Sensory integration is a way of describing brain processes that help us take, organize, and respond effectively to information received or gathered from our 5 senses. Encourages movement and socialization for children with sensory processing disorder, autism and gross motor challenge

    Helps with:

    • Coordination
    • Mood & Attention
    • Sensory Seeking
    • Sensory Under Responders

    Dimension of the tunnel – diameter 60 cm, length 100 cm

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