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    River Tactile Stones

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    • A set of 5 different tactile structures embedded into the classic River Stones design.
    • Each stone features a different material, each creating a variety of tactile sensations.
    • Cork is resilient and has a unique texture, Aluminium is lightweight and silvery, Foam will feel squashy when touched, TPE rubber is bouncy, and Concrete is hard and cold.
    • The various tactile sensors experienced are hardness, temperature, roughness, or stickiness between the tactile stones.
    • The slope of the surface increases pressure on the foot reinforcing the tactile stimulation.
    • Suitable for free play as well as structured activities.
    • Children can enjoy finding matching materials to the Tactile River Stones or describing out loud the sensation they are feeling when stepping along the stones.

    Set of 5

    Maximum load 75kg.

    Dimensions H80/170 x W350 x D280mm

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