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    Sensory Integration Platform Swing Kit

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    The Platform Swing is an essential tool in sensory integration therapy. Our platform swings offer therapists the ability to create a wide range of tilting movements with the control lines attached to the top disc. Can be used with clients in a variety of positions from prone to standing. Platform is carpeted.

    Minimum height requirement is 8 foot. Caution must be used to keep a clear distance of 6ft from walls and other obstacles.
    Please note: You must ensure you have a suitable beam above your ceiling for suspension, we would recommend contacting a structural engineer to ensure it is suitable prior to ordering. If you require us to provide installation, you will still need to check these details.
    Platform Swing
    Suspension and height adjustment kit
    Beam installation kit
    Sensory Integration Platform swing kit for sensory rooms with vestibular movement requirements.
    Weight: 9.5kg
    Dimensions: 78 L x 78 W x 150cm H
    Working Load: 300lbs
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