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    Sensory Mirror

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    New version with matt grey padded frame.

    Convex/concave dips and curves invite close inspection. Great for standing back with chuckles, this mirror is equally about encouraging children to get really close to actually find and examine their reflections which appear differently in the 9 facets moulded into the safety plastic. Bending, stretching, finger pointing, discussion are all encouraged.

    Age: 0+

    Comprises (with sizes): Overall size approx: 840mm sq. Each moulded facet approx 220mm diameter. On 9mm thick quality plywood back board. Use fixed to the wall, (brackets not screws supplied). Padded frame 50mm wide x 50mm deep.

    Use/Safety Notes: Clean only with domestic furniture polish or damp cloth, never with abrasive cleaner which will damage the mirror. Caution: direct sunlight reflected in mirrors can cause a dazzle hazard or an ignition source always perform a risk assessment when selecting a location for a mirror indoors or out. Frame is not designed to be pulled on. Mount at a height above floor appropriate to the height and age of the group using the mirror.

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