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    Interactive Aroma Panel

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    The Interactive Aroma Panel is simple to use, each of the 5 button’s are responsible for a separate smell. At the touch of a button, fill the room with a fragrance of your choice.

    The panels light up for extra sensory effect.

    Also comes with a large button controller for ease of use in sensory rooms. Mix it up and make your own scent by pressing more then one button- use your sense of smell and guess which fragrances’ have been selected!

    To re-use  simply fill the port in the aroma panel with oils – and you can relax with the panel again.


    Aromatherapy is known to be an ancient, age-old art of using essential oils, plant volatiles and other aromatic substances to promote physical and mental health and even cosmetic body care.

    Size: 60 x 40 x 10cm



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