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    Slim Infinity Panel

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    The smaller version of our popular Infinity Wall Panel is a great space saver for sensory rooms and interactive spaces.

    Measuring at just 600mm by 600mm (height and width) this Small Infinity Panel is easy to mount to the wall for engaging sensory play.

    Available as passive (no interaction) or interactive with buttons on the panel, a wireless switch box or a soft play cube controller

    The Slim Infinity Panel provides an optical illusion by use of special mirrors and LED lights. Providing this unique look and design will engage users in sensory stimulation as well as create an interesting feature in your sensory room.

    With the interactive built in button version, you have four coloured buttons on the panel itself, to provide an interactive switch element to the panel, controlling the colour change. The buttons also have dedicated switch inputs for assisted switches and controls.

    The wireless switch box version has a chargeable box to select the colours, the soft play cube controller- turn or throw the cube to see the infinity box change to whatever colour is facing upwards. Lots of interactive options for one of the most popular sensory products!

    • Measures 600 x 600 x 80mm (HxWXD)
    • Easily mountable to a suitable wall
    • No maintenance required
    • An illusion of infinite lights!
    • Passive or Interactive upgrades

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    No Upgrade, Upgrade to Built in Buttons, Upgrade to Interactive with Switch Box, Upgrade to Interactive with Soft Play Cube Control

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